The interaction between short-term rentals and the availability of affordable housing units has been a focus of housing policy discussions across the United States. The fundamental question asked in these discussions is: “If short-term rental platforms like Airbnb did not exist, would the owners of those units instead rent those units to long-term renters at affordable rates? If so, how many units are actually lost to short-term rentals?” In Portland, several studies have explored this relationship. To add its data to the discussion, Airbnb asked ECONorthwest to analyze the most current Airbnb entire home listings to provide data and interpretation of the interaction between these listings and housing affordability in the City.

The results of the analysis show that Airbnb’s activities in Portland have minimal, if any, impact on the current affordability crisis.

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 Housing Affordability Impacts of AirBnB in Portland PDF | 3.6 MB | Published October 19, 2016

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